Lorraine Yophi

Artist by profession, studio Fashion Designer & Marketing, Make up artist, She is the third generation of artists in her family, since she was little she had a fascination for collecting reborn babies, always interested in art, and very restless when she wanted to innovate.
Currently she is dedicated only to the realization of hyperreal babies, she is a perfectionist.

Enrroke Yophi
She studied plastic arts in the Netherlands, she is the creator of hyperrealistic museums around the world, she has exhibited around the world, now she is continuing next project in the realization of the next hyperrealist museum.

He works with different materials, marble, bronze, resin, stainless steel, also oil paint, and acrylic.

Both have more than 15 years working together !!!

Together they have gone to different DOLL Shows in the United States and Australia !!, where they have Participated and won awards for the Best silicone, they are Members of different art Associations.