She has been painted with a unique creation and color mix by Lorraine Yophi
This baby has been painted with the advanced airbrush technique, in a soft way, it has translucent layers, speckled with different shades, the eyebrows are painted, capillaries, birthmarks, scratches, it has a range of colors specially made for her.
The mouth is fully made, it has a tongue, gums, palate, uvula, you can use a pacifier . Latex free.
She has been Matified with special Silica for babies from Silicon, which leaves its skin extremely silky and soft, does not leave lint and is easier to dress.


The hair is natural and has not been dyed, it has been rooted one by one, in different shades.
With the thinnest needle to give more realism.

My babies are solid silicone, with a solid head, their hair cannot be sealed inside their head, so great care must be taken with brushing, etc., as the hair can be pulled out, although if it Treat carefully, hair should be fine.
You have to be treated like a real baby.


This baby includes 4 types of umbilical cords and a placenta, all made especially for her.
Placenta with umbilical cord
Freshly cut umbilical cord
Umbilical cord drying
Dry umbilical cord


Baby Rainbow will bring home the following:
Special made for her:

This baby includes 4 types of umbilical cords and a placenta.

*Baby documents
Certificate of authenticity
Birth certificate
Care Book
Yophi Babies Box

Kit of 3 newborn cloth diapers
Yophi Babies brand blanket
The clothes that appear in the photographs
Pink preemie pacifier

*Just Matte” Speciall Silica Powder and Brush for Baby
*feeding bottle
*Hair care brush

All other photographed items are accessories only and are not included.

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